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AXE235 Zenith.png
Species Air Sisiban
Gender Male
Pronouns He/him
Occupation Royal guard
Affiliation Air Kingdom

Zenith is a Sisiban from the Air Kingdom.


Zenith is snooty, uptight, snarky, and obsessed with the letter of the law. As one of the Royal Guard, Zenith is in a position of extreme power over his fellow Air Kingdom citizens, and he has placed it upon himself to function as the Air Kingdom's dedicated Guardian of Moral Purity.

If you break even the slightest rule in the Air Kingdom, expect Zenith to come breathing down your neck - or worse, expect him to drag you in front of a Tribunal to have you thrown off the cloud.


Zenith has a hard time forming relationships. He doesn't understand why.

His helmet is actually a Monster. When Zenith is distressed, the top portion clamps over his head to protect him.