Water Kingdom

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The Water Kingdom is one of the five major kingdoms of Sisibi.


The Water Kingdom is at the bottom of the sea, where resplendent cities of carved marble survive under bubbles of air.


Sisibans of the Water Kingdom have mutated gills, allowing them to freely swim between the air-filled city and the ocean's depths.

Water Kingdom Monsters are aquatic, living their lives entirely under the water. Fish, cephalopods, and aquatic mammals swim around the bubbles of the kingdom in beautiful schools.

Pure Water-types abound in the Water Kingdom, but undersea Plant, Cloud, Glass, and Poison subtypes are easily discovered.


The Water Kingdom's culture revolves around philosophy, mathematics, and the arts. Every inhabitant of the kingdom would be considered a scholar in another. The citizens of these cities spend most of their time arguing about philosophy, arguing about art, and arguing in general. Tensions with the Air Kingdom over which kingdom has the rightful ownership of clouds has put immeasurable stress onto the Water Kingdom's inhabitants, forging a culture of strife.

The citizens are noble and haughty, with nothing but disdain for all "surface-dwellers" who live above the wonders of the ocean. The Water Kingdom considers itself to be the most honorable and glorious of all kingdoms, and will show their pride at any opportunity.