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Wolfric Braun
"Now, the Jazz Minute..."
Gender Male
Pronouns He/him
Occupation Radio host
Affiliation WIRM radio

Wolfric Braun (nickname Wolf, frequently misnamed WIRM) is the host for WIRM talk radio, a radio station located in Location City.


Wolf, true to the call letters of the radio station he works for, is a wormy little guy. Frail and nebbish, Wolf has a hard time standing up to other people and is considered by his peers to be a little milquetoast.

Though it's rarely seen by his peers due to his otherwise mindless job, Wolf performs extremely poorly under pressure. During the events of Frequently Modulated, he has been holed up in his office with a supply of emergency rations. As the story progresses, he runs out of food and becomes more unhinged.



KAIN competes with the WIRM station for airspace. Wolf and KAIN don't know each other very well, but would be capable of forming an extremely close relationship if they ever had the potential to meet. If only that could happen...


  • Wolf just loves jazz!
  • Wolf is terrified of dogs in any shape.