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Uncle Ted's Family-Style Pizza Restaurant is a pizzeria and arcade in Location City that was the site of several infamous murders.


Uncle Ted's was founded by the titular Ted, intended to be a family-friendly dining option for families with children aged 3 to 10 years old.

While it was in operation, Uncle Ted's was themed as a barnyard. The building was shaped like a barn, the young child play areas were themed around hay and farm equipment, and each animatronic friend was a certain barnyard animal:

  • Johnson, the pig drummer
  • Wendy, the cow bassist
  • Elmer, the horse keytarist
  • and Tyson, the triangle player.

The Society incident

With a full arcade, live musical animatronic show on the hour, and a full menu of delicious pizzas, Uncle Ted's Family-Style Pizza Restaurant was the perfect setting for Uncle Ted to commit a string of child murders as the operating head of the Society.

The more Uncle Ted accomplished his murders, the more haunted Uncle Ted's became. By the end of its life cycle, virtually every single electronic object was possessed by the ghost of a person that was murdered by Ted as a child. Vesselbound souls such as Nova Zone were forced to spend what would have otherwise been their childhood and teenage years stuck in inanimate objects, being used as arcade games and singing animatronics.

Uncle Ted's met its end when Ted himself suddenly vanished, bringing an end to his serial killings. Ted's secret directors, the Facility, were then able to discover the atrocities the Society had been performing under Ted's leadership. A full cover-up was executed by the Facility, and Uncle Ted's was permanently shut down.


  • Uncle Ted, former owner
  • Charles Bona, second owner
  • Hutch Nelson, arcade operator
  • Tyson and the Barnyard Gang, animatronic musicians
  • Unnamed servers and behind-the-scenes employees, largely Society members