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AXE235 Tyson.png
Species Vesselbound (Human)
Gender Female
Pronouns She/her
Affiliation Tyson's Occult Shop
  • Unknown deceased parents
  • Charlie and Hutch (Adoptive parents)

Tyson is a haunted animatronic.


Tyson is a "survivor" of the Uncle Ted's murders. At a very young age, she was killed, and her soul was forcibly placed into an animatronic chicken puppet that would sing and dance to entertain children eating pizza. This, naturally, was a nightmarish situation for any child to spend their growing years in. Tyson became a problematic animatronic, frequently malfunctioning during performances and breaking down at inopportune times.

Ever since the end of the Society's murderous plot, Tyson has lived with Hutch Nelson and Charlie Bona as her adoptive parents for her teenage years. She is a very quiet person who rarely talks, preferring to stare quietly at things and breath in an uncanny, organic matter. She's still prone to outbursts, and enjoys throwing and breaking things when frustrated.


Charles Bona

Tyson views Charlie as her mother. He has a certain bond with her that simply cannot be imitated by any other person - he is the only one who can calm her down when she is in a rage, and she actually listens to him when he tells her to do chores.

Hutch Nelson

Hutch, being the only one who knows how to maintain Tyson's robotic body, is an essential part of Tyson's life. Without him, she wouldn't be able to maintain her body and would eventually rot away into a pile of rust. He's made numerous "upgrades" to her, giving her strength far beyond any normal human.

Nova Zone

Nova and Tyson are both victims of the Society murders, forming a certain bond that nobody else could really understand. It takes a long, long time before they meet up again after they are both freed, but Nova shows Tyson a few tricks to help her maintain her freedom forever.


  • Tyson can't eat pizza, but this has never stopped her from trying. Hutch must clean her of pizza cheese regularly.
  • There is nothing Tyson hates more than a birthday party.