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The Facility is a top-secret semi-governmental organization on Boop dedicated to the detection, preservation, study, and secrecy of the paranormal.


The Facility was founded at an unknown time, predating the 1950s, due to a sudden noted rise in paranormal activity across Usono. The government, not wanting the population to discover the power that could be harnessed, founded the Facility as a top-secret organization to detect and eliminate these supernatural events.

As time wore on, the occurrences of more and more phenomena forced a change in the Facility's goals; it was no longer practical to simply exterminate the supernatural where it was found.

Instead, the Facility developed a multi-pronged set of tactics to deal with the rising paranormal world:

  • To contain whatever sentient paranormal entities are found safely,
  • To study the world of the supernatural to better understand it,
  • And to only eliminate any threats that can neither be contained or studied.

Through its existence, the Facility has increasingly grown in power as the supernatural world grows in kind. At the current point in time, the Facility is the de facto organization running The City, where it is headquartered, and its influence continues to expand within the government itself.

The Society

The Society was a sub-faction of the Facility installed in Location City to function as a secondary headquarters for the Facility's nationwide operations.

The Facility, being headquartered on the Eastern coast of Usono, suffered from serious difficulties maintaining its control over the West and Midwest portions of the nation. In response to this, the Society was formed to function as a central post of Facility authority in the Midwest. Based in Location City, this sub-faction would be a fully autonomous splinter of the Facility proper and uphold the Facility's order as it saw fit.

Improper funding and abuse of power lead to the Society eventually collapsing.

The Beast of Wabel Woods

An unknown member of the Society was assigned to investigate the Wabel Woods during a series of anomalous events that occurred there. Having detected mysterious radio signals, a member of the Supernatural Law Enforcement Patrol was sent to scope the area and discover the potential source of these signals.

The Society believed that this was a low-danger anomaly and would quickly be resolved, but the death of the agent assigned to the case led to a major investigation that exhausted a large amount of Society resources. They would waste their next year researching the Wabel Woods.