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If you found this page, whatever you had clicked on has been removed as part of The Cleanup.

As time goes on, this wiki may become loaded with undesired pages. We’ve decided to remove these pages, not just for our own sanity, but to keep the wiki clean and comprehensible to newcomers as well.

There’s a possibility that whatever you’re looking for still exists, but if it’s been removed from the wiki, it’s no longer official. We can’t stop you from looking, but we’d prefer you look at our current releases.


The most driving concept behind Eggware.XYZ when we started it was “ephemera” - things that were not designed to last. Accordingly, we may remove pages that have grown old and dusty. Like a Broadway play, sometimes you just had to be there.

It’s a disappointing answer even for us, but it’s one that’s better for our growth. Our vision for our work has changed dramatically over the years, and it can be painful to feel tied down to the expectations set by our past projects.

In particular, our interactive fiction (even the cutesy fluff) remains a sour point for us. The medium was stressful to work in, and we associate it strongly with some of the worst parts of our lives, where we were the least happy and the least healthy. We’d like to leave the past to rest, and work towards a future where people truly enjoy the work we want to be making right now.


AXE235 has been going for over a decade, so as time goes on it’s become inevitable that some things will have to be retconned. Usually it’s something small and undetected, like a character that never got any screen time, but sometimes it’s something big… like an entire work that just makes no sense.


Some wiki pages remain a stub for too long and it becomes clear that they will not be finished. For bookkeeping purposes we will be cutting these articles to simplify wiki navigation, reduce dead-end pages, and cut down on the number of redlinks on the wiki.


The final - and most optimistic - reason for a page being removed is that we might be planning on republishing it. Quite a few of our projects have sat quietly on our shelves as things we’re planning on redoing; interactive fiction projects may be reborn as finished stories in the future.

What about my favorite work?

If you’re really committed to a work, you can talk to us on Patreon! We’d be happy to listen, because the reality is that most people don’t talk to us directly about our work until it’s gone.