Stelan religion

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The Stelan religion is the primary indigenous religion of Prova.


The Stelan religion's origins are currently unknown, but the central tenets have been held for as long as the Kagzar's cultural identity has been formed, suggesting a link between the two. The primary object of worship is the sun, which believers hold as a temperamental diety known as Stelo that controls the world of Prova.

Until the rise of the Lunan religion during the Provan magic crisis, the Stelan religion was considered to be the dominant religion of Prova. It remains widely practiced still, with major outliers being the Jasemi and Kagzaren.


Stelo is said to be a demanding god who requires much worship and sacrifice to be able to maintain a pleasant life upon Prova. When pleased, Stelo begets pleasant hunting weather, plentiful prey, and many clutches of healthy eggs; when displeased, it brings times of hunger and suffering.

To please Stelo, adherents participate in elaborate rituals of combat and sacrifice. Almost all meals eaten are prayed over before consumption to devote the spirits for Stelo's consumption in the heavens. Warfare is seen as the highest method of dedication, viewing their mortal bodies as the ultimate item of sacrifice. When a follower reaches the status of warrior and dies in battle, their spirit is consumed by the sun to become a part of Stelo forever and give good fortune to their clan.

Before converting to the Lunan religion, the Jasemi participated in the Stelan faith with frequent sacrifice feasts of fruits and vegetables from their farms. It was widely held that, although satisfactory to Stelo, these sacrifices of vegetable matter were inferior to those of blood.

Very few Jasemi still worship Stelo, but they view it as a still very real deity and respect the methods of worship. Jasemi, in their morbid world view, see being sacrificed to Stelo as a minor inconvenience for a person in need.

Although a majority of Kagzaren have converted to the Lunan religion, some still hold a belief in Stelo and provide sacrifices to it in times of need. A dual-system faith has formed amongst a small minority of Kagzaren, worshipping both Stelo and Luno as a dual pantheon.