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AXE235 Snowy.png
Species Mutant (Toy poodle)
Gender Female
Pronouns She/her
Occupation Pet dog

Snowy is a principal character in Good Dog Food, and the mutated pet dog of Alec and Rocky.


Snowy is a playful, energetic dog whose advanced age has not prevented her from keeping a positive attitude. She loves playing fetch, eating food, and jumping up and down.

Before beginning her Good Dog Food diet, Snowy was reaching the end of her life at the ripe old age of fourteen. The consumption of the Good Dog Food amazingly reversed her condition, giving her a new lease on life at the cost of turning her into a bizarre wolfdog hybrid.



Rocky is Snowy's primary owner and best friend. He has owned her since she was a puppy, and she considers him to be her father figure. When stressed or frightened, Rocky is the first person she runs to for comfort.

Her relationship with Rocky has not changed much since Rocky's own Good Dog Food fueled transformation. Now that they are both dogs, Snowy is able to play with Rocky on her level. She loves to play fetch with Rocky and Alec, racing Rocky to the ball.


Alec, being Rocky's boyfriend, held little interest to Snowy. Although she enjoyed his presence and trusted him around Rocky, she didn't consider him to be a higher member of the "pack" than her. Alec's own disinterest in Snowy kept them at an arm's length relationship.

After the Good Dog Food incident, Alec and Snowy's relationship has improved dramatically. Now that Alec is the only full-blooded human in the house, Snowy relies on him for food and playtime. Snowy has grown to love Alec's own brand of fetch, and jumps for joy whenever he grabs the leash.


  • Snowy's favorite flavor of dog food is cheese and bacon.
  • Snowy loves to listen to jazz, but she has no way to express this to her owners.
  • Snowy once ate an entire oven mitt, with seemingly no ill effect years later.