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Sisibi magic is the system of magic as it works on Sisibi.


There are five Primary elements of magic, from which all other forms of magic descend. These elements of magic are the magical blood that makes Sisibi work.


Earth magic manipulates rocks and soil. Those skilled in the way of earth magic are capable of manipulating earth, stone, and plants to their means. Moving stones and clods of dirt, as well as altering the growth of plants, are their forte.

Sisbans in the Earth Kingdom rarely use magic. There is little need for it in day-to-day life, and little capability for it among the populace. Those magic-minded Earth-type Sisibans work as village healers, delivering babies and healing the sick. In lieu of standard magic spells, they grow magical herbs and craft talismans to protect and heal.


Fire magic uses burning flames and sources of heat. The most typical kind of Fire magic is the simple projection of flames, but the manipulation of magma, ashes, and even body heat are essential practices.

Magic is a spiritual thing in the Fire Kingdom. The volcanos of the kingdom are revered as the source of fire-type magic, and regular feasts are thrown in their glory. Fire-type magic is potent with the potential to both heal and harm.


Water magic uses water, steam, and ice. Water-type magicians use water's natural flow and grace with deadly precision, forging deadly waves and razor sharp icicles for battle.

The Water Kingdom treats magic as a fact of life. Their society is highly invested in the study of magic and its relation to the monsters of the world. Magic is valued as a science and art in the Water Kingdom, and almost every single inhabitant of it is a wizard in their own right.


Metal magic is technomancy, the magic of technology. Metal magic works different from the other four elements. Rather than directly manipulate an element, Metal-type magicians assemble and build magically-charged contraptions that are capable of doing all kinds of miraculous abilities.

Only the wealthiest members of the Metal Kingdom have access to Metal-type magic. Those at the base of the kingdom's cities must rely on magical Doctors to provide them with access to metal magic prosthetics. The more their flesh bodies are replaced with metal, the greater potential they have of rising up the social ladder.


Air magicians can manipulate the very currents of the wind. It sharpens the breezes of the wind to deadly edges - and can even squeeze the very breath from your lungs.

Though Air magic is the most powerful, it is also the rarest. The Air Kingdom is constrained to a single cloud city in the sky, and its most elite are secretive. This is because Air magic is the only magic that has effectively full-range telekinesis; other forms of magic are constrained to levitating the elements associated with their type.


Energy-type magic is an extremely rare, almost mythical, variety of magic that is shrouded in myth and legend. There is no Energy-type kingdom, but stories of powerful wizards with the ability to seemingly control all four elements have only been explained by the presence of a fifth, unified type of magic. Energy magic has the ability to use the powers of any kind of magic, but at an extreme cost to the user.


The combination of two Primary elements is associated with a Subtype, the power of two elements working in synthesis. Subtypes are specific practices of magic, separate from their parent elements but ingrained in their attitudes and powers. Any subtype can be combined with a Primary element, but they are most commonly combined with the subtype's parents.


Lava magic comes from the combination of Earth and Fire. Hot lava is a potent, deadly form of stone; though it is slow, it will overwhelm any enemy once it catches up to them. Cooled lava forms defensive barriers of obsidian, incredibly sharp, to slice through any enemy that tries to attack.


Plant magic comes from the combination of Earth and Water. Plant magic involves the growth of plants to perform both healing and harm. Powerful healing nectars and toxic, razor-bladed leaves can both bloom from the same plant.


Gem magic comes from the combination of Earth and Metal. Shining, brilliant gemstones provide the ideal defense from any form of attack. Every kind of gem has its own innate powers; healing, harming, protecting and supporting, there's a gemstone for any situation.


Glass magic comes from the combination of Earth and Air. Sand is hardened into solid sheets of glass, mirror-clear and strong as steel. Glass-type magic makes for excellent defensive magic, literally reflecting spells back at their caster. Summoned barriers of glass can be used to contain and protect both allies and foes.


Oil magic comes from the combination of Fire and Water. Oil magic creates thick, sticky liquids with strange properties, most typically being highly flammable. The grease conjured by this type of magic can be also used to slow down enemies, while speeding up allies.


Acid magic comes from the combination of Fire and Metal. All forms of corrosion are represented in acid; no material is powerful enough to withstand melting when an Acid-type is involved. An Acid-type's chemicals can be use to melt through a strong defense - or the flesh of an enemy.


Plasma magic comes from the combination of Fire and Air. The warm glow of plasma can be intensified into beams of light and energy, strong enough to blind eyes and burn flesh. When focused, Plasma-type magic provides a powerful offense; when diffused, the plasma is a soothing glow to heal injuries.


Poison magic comes from the combination of Water and Metal. Poison magic is the ideal magic for slow and indirect death, including poisons that go undetected for weeks in the body as well as those that kill instantly. Poison can heal as well as harm - slow-acting poultices to keep the body healthy are within Poison-type's wheelhouse just as much as toxins.


Cloud magic comes from the combination of Water and Air. The creation of mists, fogs, and clouds are the power of Cloud magic, each with their own power to confuse or misdirect a foe. Cloud magic is best utilized to heal or misdirect; a fog of medicinal mist can soon be changed into a blinding cloud of darkness.


Electric magic comes from the combination of Metal and Air. Electric magic conjures bolts of pure lightning at will, whether to fry an enemy or power a battery. This type is a devastating offensive type, with even the eakest bolts enough to paralyze a foe.