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The Beasts of Sisibi are a group of legendary, immensely powerful Monsters that control the five elements of Sisibi magic.

Elemental Beasts

Each Elemental Beast functions as the manifestation, icon, and supreme controller of each magical element. The primary function of the monarchs of each nation is to commune with these enormous monsters, keeping them satisfied and listening to their guidance on the needs of the planet.


AXE235 Eretz.png

Eretz is an enormous plesiosaur, on which the mainland of the Earth Kingdom rests.

The beast is surrounded by thousands of its offspring, who make up the other islands of the Earth Kingdom. As it slowly floats around Sisibi's enormous ocean, the rest of the kingdom follows.

All citizens of the Earth Kingdom are allowed to visit the mainland, but only the Monarch and their retinue are allowed permanent residence there.

Pango Pongo

AXE235 Pango Pongo.png

Pango Pongo is a pangolin that resides in the core of the largest volcano in the Fire Kingdom. Its sleeping tremors cause the eruptions that expand the Fire Kingdom's landmass.

The inhabitants of the Fire Kingdom are allowed to see and touch the Beast as they desire. Whenever awake, Pango Pongo is a friendly, gentle creature, but moves too slowly to keep up with its subjects.


AXE235 Ydor.png

A whale, thousands of feet long, rests deep in a cave underneath the Water Kingdom. The residents of the land haven't seen a glimpse of it in years, and rumors have spread that it is sick or injured.

At the peak of its health, Ydor was known for swimming above the cities and defending its land from intruders. It was the very Beast that blew the bubbles the kingdom now resides in.


AXE235 STR0J.png

STR0J is a clock, located in the tallest clock tower of the Metal Kingdom. Its even, rhythmic ticking keeps the magic of the Metal Kingdom functioning.

This Bast is a popular tourist attraction, attracting tourists from across all five Kingdoms to see its inner machinations. STR0J remains totally silent during these visits, only ticking its enigmatic works.


AXE235 Rocella.png

Rocella is a gigantic bird, with enormous wings and a long neck, that pulls the cloud of the Air Kingdom across the sky with a harness strung through the foundation of the city.

Only the Magic Elite of the Air Kingdom are allowed near the Beast. It is forbidden for any normal citizen to even gain sight of it.


Sixth Elemental Beast

There is a legendary Sixth Beast who is said to sleep deep within the crust of the planet, dormant and unthinking. It is unknown if this beast is real or not, but its awakening would surely throw the delicate balance of the five elements into complete disarray.