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Sisibi is a large planet in AXE235 with a highly magic-oriented culture.


The world of Sisibi is wholly unlike our own; though the Sisibans who inhabit it appear humanoid, they are a totally different species with unique abilities and lifestyles.

Sisibi is one of the most magical planets in its universe. The world revolves around the five elements inherent to Sisibi magic; Earth, Metal, Fire, Water, and Air. These elements are each associated with an individual kingdom, and is also presided over by a great elemental monster known as a Beast.

Unlike other planets in its universe, Sisibi has been a magical planet since its conception millions of years ago. This has had a bizarre effect on the natural fauna of Sisibi; mostly-sentient monsters are utilized as allies, friends, and co-laborers in a Sisiban's daily life.

There are legends that along with the five elemental Beasts, there is a sixth, sleeping, hidden in the crust of the planet. This Beast is associated with a mysterious sixth element, Energy. No one is sure of the truth hiding within this myth.