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Shokal is a city in Usono, a country on Boop. It is the largest city on the west coast of Usono.


Shokal is known for being populated by a lot of very weird people. It was built on the epicenter of an unpatched magical hotspot, providing a constant source of inexplicable magical strangeness since the 1950s.

These days, this location finds itself home to a large collection of particularly peculiar (and often magically mutated) inhabitants. King St. Bee is the unofficial mascot of the city, and is recognized as one of its most popular homeless residents.


The city is large and divided into several neighborhoods, each with their own subcultures, aesthetics, and specific inhabitants. One neighborhood is populated largely by sentient waterfowl; another, home to hundreds of human beings with inanimate objects for heads. Shokal is a bustling center of culture, cuisine, and art that spreads out to the rest of Usono.

King Street

King Street is the well-known central street of Shokal, and the primary residence of King St. Bee. It's one of the most populated streets, extending through a large portion of the city. King St. Bee has made this street her home, and it is in fact the source of her name - despite the fact that she insistently pronounces it King Saint Bee.

Wingy King

The Wingy King is a hot wings-and-beer style sports bar located on King Street. It's not the most attractive place to eat; modestly staffed and rarely cleaned, its primary selling point is its incredibly low prices on pitchers of beer and hot wing platters. Its "Red Hot Chicken Wingies" have won the city's "Best Wings" award eight years in a row, presumably because the Wingy King is the only judging authority for such a thing.

Otherwise, its menu is based around incredibly inane "Southwestern Tex-Mex Fusion" abominations like the Killa Dilla Four-Cheese Quesadilla or the Guaca-Mayo Enchilada Bombs.

The squid waitress Squissica is one of the few waitresses working a full-time job here, and it is a primary reason she feels terrible all the time. King St. Bee enjoys lurking around the premises hunting for leftover chicken bones, and watching food TV whenever there isn't a sportsball game going on.

Pizza Scoba

Pizza Scoba is a chain of pizza parlors littered across Shokal.

The pizza at Pizza Scoba is well-priced, good tasting, and not overly greasy, so it's a very popular spot to get hot pizzas. Scoby, the rat in charge of the chain, is also the chain's official mascot who appears on every box giving the classic "It's OK" symbol. Scoby in person is a rude, twitchy, overexcitable little wad of a man, but he makes OK pizza, right?

The Pit

The Pit is an enormous glowing hole that has enchanted nearby citizens for years. Forming after the inexplicable collapse of a landfill, The Pit is a treasured landmark that almost no one falls into.

Only a few people (namely King St. Bee and Princess Bluebird) know what's inside of it: a broken CRT color TV that constantly leaks a massive amount of magical radiation. It has been the source of all of Shokal's problems since the 1950s.


  • The Big Bean, an enormous pinto bean that nobody can really explain
  • City Hall, which has burned down nine times


King St. Bee

King St. Bee is Shokal's favorite little homeless lady, and also the biggest threat to its safety at any given moment.

Princess Bluebird

Local mall cop, misfit nihilist, and King St. Bee's best friend.


Squissica is a mutant squid waitress at The Wingy King, a wings-and-beer sports bar in Shokal. She is delicate, fragile, tender, and an all around anxious mess.

She is consistently on the verge of bursting into tears and has an incredibly hard time composing herself. Like many such frail souls, Squissica finds her true calling in art; she is a rather talented watercolor painter and loves to compose poetry about her horrific depression. Her current project, a children's book entitled The Flower That Couldn't Stop Crying, has yet to find a publisher.

Long John

Long John (full name John Malakar) is a rubbery mutant human residing in Shokal. This very, very long man always has an appetite, and since his best friend Smokey Joe is always cooking, they are the perfect match. He is a gentle and friendly person, who loves making friends and eating large amounts of food with them. He's meek, shy, and has a hard time speaking up for himself.

Smokey Joe

Smokey Joe is a goose living in Shokal who is Long John's best friend. Smokey Joe is grumpy, irritable, and easily goaded into arguments. He is almost never happy except when he is in front of a fully loaded barbecue smoker.

As his name suggests, he smokes like a chimney: his preferred brand is Pale Horse menthols. "Pale Horse tobacco - Come and Taste!"


Josie Jones, self-nicknamed Snailhead, is a mutant who lives in Shokal. Josie is a tough, self-confident woman who suffers fools little. At the age of 15, she was involved in a magical incident where an open leyline ejected a large surge of magical energy directly onto her, causing her head to transform into an enormous snail. She and her family moved to Shokal, a city known for accepting odd mutants, and she eventually embraced her new life with open arms.