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Shokal is a city in Kalo. It is the largest city on the west coast of Usono and encompasses the entire south of Kalo, including multiple counties.

North of Shokal is the Nokal region.


Shokal is known for being populated by a lot of very weird people. It was built on the epicenter of an unpatched magical hotspot, providing a constant source of inexplicable magical strangeness since the 1950s.


The city is large and divided into several neighborhoods, each with their own subcultures, aesthetics, and specific mutant inhabitants. One neighborhood is populated largely by sentient waterfowl; another, home to hundreds of human beings with inanimate objects for heads. Shokal is a bustling center of culture, cuisine, and art that spreads out to the rest of Usono.

  • King Street
  • Wingy King
  • Pizza Scoba
  • The Big Bean, an enormous pinto bean that nobody can really explain
  • City Hall, which has burned down nine times
  • The Pit, an enormous glowing hole that has enchanted people for years


Shokal is home to a large collection of particularly peculiar inhabitants. King St. Bee is the unofficial mascot of the city, and is recognized as one of its most popular homeless residents.