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Species Mutant (Human)
Gender Male
Pronouns He/Him
Occupation Disabled
Family Snowy (pet dog)
Partner(s) Alec

Rocky is the protagonist of Good Dog Food. He is Alec's boyfriend and Snowy's original owner. Due to a mishap with the titular Good Dog Food, he is currently living his life as a human-canine hybrid in Alec's care.


Rocky is a neurotic and anxious individual who suffers from a wide variety of psychological and physical disabilities. He is a friendly person, but finds trusting others difficult and is very prone to developing idée fixe.



Alec is Rocky's boyfriend and caretaker. Due to Rocky's cocktail of disabilities, Alec is the de facto head of the household and in charge of virtually all household chores. He doesn't mind this, as he loves Rocky very much and is more than willing to take care of him.

Rocky and Alec have a good, strong relationship, although they are prone to arguing when stressed. Ever since Rocky's transformation, their relationship has only grown more secure now that Rocky doesn't even have to pretend to live up to "normal standards".


Snowy is Rocky's cherished pet dog and best friend in the world. Rocky has personally owned Snowy ever since she was a newborn puppy and she has been his most constant companion in the world. Rocky has owned Snowy since before he started dating Alec, and Snowy's progressing age had been a source of contention for the two of them before the solution was found.

Ever since consuming the Good Dog Food, Rocky and Snowy are now closer than ever before as they are both weird wolf hybrids. Snowy and Rocky enjoy playing fetch and play-fighting together.


  • Some of Rocky's conditions include a juvenile degenerative disc disorder, agoraphobia, an unspecified panic disorder, and a severe phobia of loss.
  • Rocky's actual first name is Rocco, but he would rather you call him Rocky.