Ren Moore

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Ren Moore
AXE235 Ren Moore.png
Species Human
Gender Male
Pronouns He/him
Occupation Manager of Pet Supplies & Moore
  • Unnamed mother
  • Unnamed father
  • "Oh, you know..." (formerly)
  • Casey Batter
  • Ren Moore is is a human resident of Location City, and the owner-manager of Pet Supplies & Moore.


    Ren is a hot-and-cold kind of person. On the surface, he is amicable, good-natured, and polite; when his buttons are pushed, Ren reveals a sharp tongue and bitter wit. Ren views himself as "above" situations, a neutral arbiter that should be deferred to whenever a conflict arises. Despite his flaws, he is friendly to almost everyone and a geuinely good person - unless he's deemed you an idiot.

    Ren spends most of his time plotting against the his bitter rival, The Bike's Store!, the bicycle shop on the other side of the street. When not plotting, Ren mostly tries to shirk his duties as the owner of Pet Supplies & Moore by taking extensive smoke breaks and yelling at rude customers.


    Ren's parents

    Ren inherited the pet store from his father and still maintains a civil relationship with his parents. He moved out at the age of 18 to pursue his college degree and has lived a successful life.

    Ren's family has supported him through most of his life, funding his lifestyle and keeping him in food and housing during his college years.

    Casey Batter

    Ren and Casey met in high school and spent about half of their time dating and the other half specifically not dating. Their relationship was highly unstable, with them both leaving the other over what might've been the tiniest of matters.

    Once they both left high school, their relationship matured and they are now in a very stable partnership.


    • Ren enjoys knitting, and professes that he will never give up on his "girly" hobbies.
    • Nobody knows what he majored in.