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Weather on Prova is much like it is on our planet. On the Center, the seasons vary between the dry season and wet season.

During the wet season, it gets very, very wet. Rainfall occurs almost daily, with huge pouring storms of rain. During this "summer" season, agriculture blossoms, with the Jasemi and Kagzar experiencing bountiful harvests and a surplus of food. The structures of their villages are well equipped to stand up to rainfall, and the native animals have been used to it for millennia.

The other half of the year is the dry season, when the rainfall dries up. This is the "winter" time, when the harvests come to a halt and what food is left must be carefully conserved. The wet season tends to produce more than enough food for the inhabitants of Prova, so the dry seasons are when the Jasemi focus on producing art and the Kagzar wage war on the now-dry plains. Both cultures eagerly await the first days of the rainy season, when cultivation of next year's crop can begin.

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