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Prova is an early historical society, so there isn't much in the way of communication. There is no e-mail, no telephone, not even an organized postal service yet. The only method of communication is the courier, a pseudo-postal worker who has decided to work as a traveler between settlements delivering mail. Letters are typically written on wooden slats, but paper letters are growing in popularity.

The Jasemi hold the market on the courier business. Thanks to their natural curiosity about the world, their ability to fly, and the opportunity to find inspiration for works of art, young Jasemi volunteer in droves to carry mail across the Center. Some Jasemi villages have set up buildings just for the handling of mail between villages - the precursor to a formal post office.

As the magical system of Prova improves, magical communication is slowly becoming a reality. The most promising experiments come from the Kotfisken, who have been working on a method to enchant a clay tablet to propel itself from one city-pyramid to another. Progress has been slow, with the enchantment wearing off over long distances before the message can be delivered. If this magical technology makes it to the surface, the paper used by the Jasemi and Kagzaren would have better results, starting the age of a magical postal system.

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