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Prova has no hierarchies, no governments, and frankly, no people of great renown. Each culture is so focused on community and society individual accomplishments are not remembered for a particularly long time. Mighty Kagzar warriors are fated to die in combat, and Jasemi artists eventually reincarnate to continue their work under a new name. Kagzaren and Kotfisken study anonymously, only seeking to increase the knowledge of their groups instead of achieving fame. Really, the concept of "fame" has yet to be invented. There are very few "important players" on Prova.

This doesn't mean there aren't any important players at all.

Luno is the most significant actor on the history of Prova, with her influence directly shaping the state of Prova as it is today. Yes, Luno is a real person - a janitor, in fact, from another dimension.

All magic is sourced from a dimension between dimensions known as Negatory by its inhabitants. The multiverse is structured loosely similar to a living body; every material universe is an individual living cell of matter, that is provided essential magical energy blood by the circulatory system of Negatory. New material universes form from the movement of magical energy around Negatory spontaneously, and old universes die off and are re-absorbed into the greater Negatory mass. All universes require some level of magic to continue existing, but an excess leak of magic into a material plane results in instability that inevitably results in being absorbed back into Negatory.

Luno is a native of Negatory who was formed when the bubble of material foam designated as AXE235 came into existence. If Negatory is the multiverse's circulatory system, she is a white blood cell, created by natural forces to maintain the universe she is associated with and prevent an excess of magical energy from leaking in. Unfortunately, Luno is not particularly adept at her job and has made numerous mistakes which have caused dramatic consequences for the AXE235 universe. In her haste to protect her dimension, there have been many magical being slipping through the cracks.

Prova's levels of magical pollution are caused by Luno's travel between this dimension and Negatory. When she must go to Negatory for any reason, she must rip a "hole" in time and space to go to where she needs to be. These rips are mended behind her, but a mend is never as good as the original fabric's strength. To keep the fabric of reality taut, Luno prefers to stick to a single portal when entering Negatory - one that is only a few lighthours away from Prova.

Whenever a person dies in a material universe, their immortal soul fades through the natural weave of time and space into Negatory, where they will experience an appropriate afterlife to their conceptions of what an afterlife is. This is a slow process - so when there is barely sealed portal to Negatory within a short distance of where you died, your soul will be naturally attracted to go through that instead.

Millions of deaths on Prova resulted in millions of souls trying to squeeze their way through Luno's portal. Luno was not aware of this, being on the other side of the universe attending to the nature of quarks and gluons. Each soul that slipped through the seam of her portal's stitching stretched it out just a little bit. After a few million, the stitching could not take it any more. The portal opened - aimed directly at Prova. Thus began the Great Magic Crisis.

When Prova was still a smoking ball of magma, a few strange creatures slipped their way behind Luno as she was leaving Negatory to enter AXE235. These were creatures of shadow, weak and unable to manifest a true physical form. As the species of Prova evolved, they integrated themselves among them, invisible and untouchable. These creatures, known as the Goltra, became the basis for many superstitions and ghost stories for the earliest sentient beings on Prova. Being Negatorians themselves, they recognized the true consequences that the Magic Crisis would result in: total destruction of the dimension as they knew it. Coming together, they sent out a psychic message to attract the only person who could help: Luno.

The Goltra's signal arrived to Luno, but the damage had already been done. Almost all life had been eliminated from the planet. What living things that survived had been mutated beyond comprehension, horrific beasts of flesh and magic, living in agony. The sky was burning, the seas boiling, and the very laws of nature themselves were set upside down. Luno, in a panic, did what she could to fix the problem by resetting the flow of time to immediately before the Crisis occurred. She mended her portal with a more stable stitch, resurrected all of the dead, and gave the Jasemi their powers of resurrection to keep their souls attached to Prova and not ruining her portal. Luno made herself physically manifest in the skies of Prova at this time, leading to the foundation of the Lunan religion.

The Crisis ended, Luno made the choice to remain near Prova to keep an eye on things, ensuring that a second Crisis would not occur. She sent a fragment of herself, which she had named Vitri, out to maintain the rest of the universe while she kept stability here.

Today, Luno still lives inside the moon. She is mostly unaware that she is worshipped a god, only concerned with keeping another Crisis from occurring.

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