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Transportation on Prova is simple - you either walk, or you don't get there.

The wheel has been invented on Prova, but there are no beasts of burden sufficient to pull carts. Pufbulo and Nusi are too small, and a Vostruo will simply refuse to walk with a cart attached to it. Carts are typically used by the Jasemi to pull crops to and from the farmlands to the village. There has been some effort to magically enchant carts to push themselves, but no great progress has been made. If it is even possible, it would trigger the start of a magical-industrial revolution.

The Kotfisken, on the other hand, have tamed certain species of aquatic mammals to carry them on their backs for long distances. These mammals are large, with long fins that resemble wings, evolved to allow them to jump out of the water to catch birds flying overhead. When a Kotfisken must travel many leagues, they prefer to hop upon one of these beasts and magically manipulate it to carry them where they wish to go. Some of these transport animals have been bred to be the size of whales, with pouches magically installed upon their skin to carry goods across the ocean.

There are boats - canoes, invented by coastal Kagzar to fish Kotfisk, but these are useless for actual travel. They are too small and not well equipped for sea travel. Their only use is to carry a single Kagzar at a time, and whatever load of fish they would happen to catch.

Other than these exceptions, walking is the only means of transport. It's lucky that Prova is such a small planet!

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