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Art is the fundamental basis of the Jasemi lifestyle. Life, death, and all existence is based around the artistic endeavor. The creation of art is fundamental point of their religion, believing that Luno appreciates artistic works and enjoys seeing them.

The Jasemi participate in a humongous variety of artistic interests. Painting, sculpting, writing, clothing design, game design, music composition - even the mundane parts of life, such as crop rotation and sleeping can be considered art. An individual will create art with whatever medium is available to them, be it a lump of clay or a set of the finest paints.

Appreciation of the arts is the natural associate of the Jasemi's love of art, and almost every Jasemi considers themselves a connoisseur. The first viewing of new works of art is treated with the passion of a holy day, with almost every Jasemi coming together at the town library to see the newly released works. Games are played, plays are performed, and all manner of art is admired. These viewing days are the highlight of the Jasemi lifestyle.

Kagzaren enjoy the creation of art as well, but as a reflection of their love of Luno. Their works of art tend to revolve around the glorification of Luno, scenes of her repairing the Crisis, and religious codices. Story writing is a popular art form for the Kagzaren - especially writing religious parables, typically one where a foolish Kagzar or Kagzaren is gently corrected onto the path of Luno by an all-knowledgeable Jasemi.

Though the Kagzar do not relish art on the same level as other tribes, they still appreciate fine craftsmanship. Kagzar works of art tend to be crafts. They find the appeal in a sturdy clay jar, a spear of excellent sharpness, or a woven blanket to keep the wearer perfectly warm. Aesthetics are a secondary concern to function. Most Kagzar crafts are unpainted or unvarnished, plain wood and clay, but crafted in such a masterful shape to be the apex of usability.

The Kotfisken are at the most extreme end of this scale - they despise anything that can be considered "artistic". Art is a waste of time, frivolous, and decidedly unscientific. Kotfisken prefer to create works of science, magical marvels that ease the life of every Kotfisken in the pyramid-city. There is no need for aesthetic in a perfect machine.

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