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Provans don't wear clothes with pockets - in fact they hardly wear clothing at all - but each species does have a few things that would be considered invaluable for day to day living.

The Jasemi keep all mutual belongings in their central library, but every Jasemi would have at least a few things to describe as personal belongings. What this is varies from person to person, but what the items are have a few things in common. There is always their current artistic project, which is frequently done in the privacy of their own hut until it is in a state considered presentable. A few articles of work clothing, tailored to fit them perfectly and therefore cannot be shared. Some Jasemi may have a particularly favorite game to play or story to read, and might have a hand-made copy to carry around to enjoy while out and about. Other than little things like this, the species tends to share everything within their central library. If a Jasemi wants to spend their time reading a story, they look through the assorted books and scrolls in the library. If they want to paint, they will go to the library for the paints and canvas. If today is their day to help in the farms, the library is where the hoes and rakes are kept. The Jasemi don't need personal belongings, because everything they could possibly need is kept in a community place.

Kagzar don't have anything resembling a "library", but they keep little personal possessions themselves. A Kagzar never wears clothing, but there are always sacks and pouches that can be wrapped around their waist to keep what they need on the go with them. A few scraps of Pufbulo jerky for snacking, a set of dice carved from bone, a few rocks for throwing to manage their herds. Kagzar have little need for belongings past this; their nomadic lifestyle makes taking belongings with you a struggle. Some Kagzar may favor a certain spear for hunting, or a certain stick for herding Pufbulo with, but these are still community items that must be shared with others. The only exception to this rule lies with the Warriors. A Warrior's sword is theirs and theirs alone, and no other Kagzar is permitted to touch it until the Warrior's death.

Kagzaren live similarly to the Jasemi, even contributing to their libraries, but special religious books are kept within their community for study and reference. These books are specific to the Kagzaren belief system, which believes that the Jasemi are the chosen people of Luno and already enlightened to their ways. A Kagzaren might have a personal copy of their community's favored religious book, carried around for constant reference.

The Kotfisken do not wear clothes and have nothing that would be considered a "personal possession". Really, they don't even have anything that would be considered property - a Kotfisken pyramid-city is completely communized, down to the smallest scrap of seaweed. Kotfisken have no need to own anything; the only need they have is being able to study science at their leisure. Books and scientific tools are available in the communal laboratories that scatter the pyramid. All meals are eaten in communal cafeterias. Even sleeping at night is done in communal dormitories.

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