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The Center of Prova is well explored by its natives, but much of the planet is still unknown to them. As detailed in our article on geography, the Center is a large continent that wraps like a belt around Prova's equator, but there are three other continents - one to the north, and two to the south - that no native of the Center has ever stepped foot on.

The north continent, known as North Prova, is a frozen tundra that covers the north pole of Prova. It is mostly uninhabited, and has very little life living on it. The plants that grow there are restricted to various forms of lichen. There is a species of bird-people that live on the coast, who have never interacted with other sentients. Their culture is comparatively primitive, but they are capable of speech and have numerous cultural traditions. They co-exist with a northern variety of the Pufbulo, whose fluffy coats have grown so long they resemble walking piles of snow - an excellent camouflage to protect them from hunters.

To the south, there are two continents. The first is an enormous desert island, with almost no vegetation besides scrub and brush. Animal life is rare; a species of the Vostruo lives there that is dramatically shrunken to better support a low-resources lifestyle. The other primary species is a kind of large amphibian, with black skin and long, yellow tongues, that feed on the limited vegetation that grows on the continent. These creatures possess the unusual magical property of electrokinesis: using specialized antennae, they are able to project large bolts of electricity to defend themselves.

The other southern continent is a rich savanna, though still sparsely populated compared to the Center. Vostruo live there, as well as Pufbulo, but both species are radically different from the varieties that live elsewhere. The Vostruo are long, sleek, and agile creatures designed to chase the southern Pufbulo, which have long stilt-like legs for maximum speed. Another creature that lives upon this continent is an enormous and mysterious beast, twenty feet tall, that feeds upon the tall trees. It resembles an gigantic shaggy quadruped, with four enormous feet that stamp pits into the earth. These giants have clearly been mutated by the Magic Crisis: they possess no nose or eyes, and grow extraneous legs from their backs and stomachs that serve no purpose.

Prova is a small planet, with few species and little land compared to Earth, but even then there is so much to explore. The Kotfisken, with their underwater empire, are the current leaders in exploration; but as the technology levels of the Jasemi and Kagzar improve, an age of sail will soon be sure to come.

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