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Though Prova has no economy and no need for a "job", all people still have to labor to put bread in their mouths. Each species have their own specific jobs that must be done to keep all people fed, clothed, and happy.

The Jasemi abhor work, preferring to spend their time working on their artistic endeavors. Of course, one cannot eat paintings, so farm labor is essential to the wellbeing of a village. Some Jasemi spend their all of their time as farmers, seeing it as their own personal artistic endeavor, but all of them share at least a little time digging and harvesting in the fields. A Jasemi only has to do a few hours per week doing fieldwork - since every Jasemi does their part, the work is much more evenly distributed and efficient. This leaves plenty of time for the rest of the Jasemi to play, create art, and perform crafts.

Kagzar divide their labor into the three castes: the artisans, the hunters, and the herders. Artisans are crafters, who work clay, wood, and metal to make weapons and tools for the other clans. This includes clay pots for storing food; spears for hunters to bring home meat; staves for herders to control their herds; and swords for warriors. Only the most experienced artisans are allowed to work bronze, crafting tools to trade with the Jasemi and the warriors' sacred weaponry.

Hunters hunt meat in the wilds of Prova, and require sharp spears to do their work with. Hunting is a glamorous lifestyle among the Kagzar, requiring dexterity, skill, and speed to kill the most prized beasts. Hunting is a dangerous lifestyle, and is considered by most to be the caste to work within when training to become a hunter. If a Kagzar is wily enough to corner and kill a Darmegon, they are skilled enough to fight in a war for real.

Herding is the most populated caste, as the enormous herds of Pufbulo require much care to grow to full size before slaughter. Herding is a simple job, but requires a certain discipline to accomplish. Pufbulo are titchy, easily frightened creatures, and a single Pufbulo becoming stressed can lead to an enormous stampede. A herder must be a constant source of control and compassion to their flock, lest the entire herd one thousand Pufbulo strong simply run away.

Kagzaren imitate the Jasemi, but spend their time becoming involved in religious matters instead of playing. As a Kagzaren village is almost always associated with another Jasemi village, they tend to share farms where Jasemi and Kagzaren work and harvest side by side. Since the Kagzaren are both larger and stronger than the Jasemi, they tend to plow the fields while the Jasemi plant and harvest.

The Kotfisken, thanks to their powerful magic, have no need to work. They live in a society that is fully automated. Their seaweeds crops are enchanted in such a way that when they reach full maturity, they automatically pluck themselves and float to a storehouse to be processed later. All building is done by magic, where a group of experienced Kotfisken wizards literally conjure up the building from the sea floor. This gives the Kotfisken an enormous amount of spare time, which they use for studying their magic.

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