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Fun is the wheelhouse of the Jasemi. While the Kagzar idea of fun is hitting each other with sticks, the Jasemi have an extensive and cultivated culture of creativity, art, and fun that is the cornerstone of their culture.

The Jasemi treasure art above all else. The centerpiece of every major Jasemi town is a library, the only building built entirely of stone, complete with glass windows to maximize light. The library is the communal storage space for works of art, stories and poetry, tools, and games. It is owned by no one - all Jasemi have a right to take what they want and put what they want into the library at any time, but it is understood that the library itself is the true owner of whatever is borrowed and must be returned.

In the library, the Jasemi store their implements to play games and create stories. The Jasemi are enthusiastic game players - designing games is an art form, and board games are especially a favorite of the Jasemi. In their typical pacifistic nature, many of these board games are cooperative, working together to achieve a good score for a difficult puzzle. There are still competitive games, of course - a highly popular one resembles a game of chess. It involves commanding an army of wooden Kagzar on a checkered board, separated into the four castes, with victory being accomplished by eliminating the other player's warrior pieces.

The Jasemi also have invented card games, using thin pieces of wood (though the best sets are now made with Kagzaren paper) to play all variety of card games. A favorite game to play is divination - the Jasemi's lackadaisical attitude towards live has them treat even divining the future as a game. As they have no fear of death, divining the future is treated as a mutual story-telling game, where the Jasemi involved (sometimes up to dozens, especially if the cards are drawn in a public space) work together to figure out the best meaning of the cards.

Kagzaren enjoy playing games as well, but take a much more serious attitude towards them as compared to the Jasemi. They prefer their games to be competitive, with clear winners. The Kagzar chess game is especially popular, and tournaments are occasionally held that attract Kagzaren from distant villages. Cartomancy is played too, but treated as a serious one-on-one consultation with Luno. The Kagzaren still have as much fun as the Jasemi, naturally, but like everything they copy from the Jasemi, they are much more serious about it.

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