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The Kagzar don't wear clothing and intend to die in combat, so wearing lots of armor isn't really their thing. But as the only species able to work bronze on land, they do love themselves some weaponry.

The typical weapon carried by a Kagzar warrior is a bronze sword. The Kagzar sword is long and heavy, wielded with one hand, with a small crossguard and a leather-wrapped grip. These swords are used only for warrior duels, where two members of the warrior caste will battle one-on-one during a greater battle. The sword is actually intended to be slow and clumsy - a real weapon would make for a much shorter and decisive battle where the first strike meant death. The Kagzar want to draw out their battles for as long as possible to demonstrate their bravado in the face of pain and possible death.

The non-warriors who participate in Kagzar warfare wield heavy sticks or use their bare hands to fight. Warfare is a ritual act, intended to be non-lethal, and causing the death of a non-warrior in combat is a shameful act. The worst the average Kagzar in a battle goes home with is a lot of bruises, and maybe a broken bone or two. Even without lethal weaponry to use, Kagzar warfare is still a very violent affair.

Since it's so violent, non-warriors tend to wear small suits of armor to protect themselves during combat, in order to avoid dying an ignoble death. All non-warriors wear bronze helmets, which are studded with small nubs and painted to show their tribe affiliation. They also wear breastplates cast from bronze, which are better described as beaten sheets of metal that have been bent around their bodies. The armor technology is primitive, but it beats getting your sternum shattered by a thrown rock.

Other than weapons and armor, the Kagzar craft their supplies of metal into tools for trade. The Jasemi highly value bronze sickles, scythes, and hoes to use for their farms, and the Kagzar can earn huge quantities of beer, textiles, and glasswares in exchange for only a few metal tools.

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