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Clothing is uncommon on Prova. There is no taboo against nudity - as the Center of Prova is extremely hot, wearing too much clothing could be a death sentence. Most people spend their time totally nude, but there are a few exceptions to this rule.

The Jasemi own the cornerstone on textiles, producing them primarily for artistic carpets and tapestries, but clothing is occasionally produced. Most clothing produced by the Jasemi is extremely extravagant in bright colors. Flowing robes and dresses are a favorite for fashion-focused Jasemi, along with long togas, exorbitant wigs and headdresses, and large jewelry. The total effect of a fashionable Jasemi can be rather goofy, but these are not clothes intended for daily wear - it is viewed more like an art performance, using the Jasemi body as a canvas.

Other than for artistry, farm laborers wear simple clothes to protect their bodies from stinging plants or plants that would stain their feathers. A shirt, sleeveless to allow for full motion of the wing, is the "uniform" of a Jasemi farmer - no Jasemi ever wears pants.

The Kagzar typically wear no clothes at all, and see no reason to. Being cold blooded, shading their bodies too much would result in illness, and therefore they prefer no clothing at all. The Kagzaren, having better internal thermal regulation, enjoy wearing flowing white robes to mark themselves as holy folk. Most Kagzaren not invested in studying Luno's way remain naked, especially when laboring in the fields.

Kotfisken wear no clothing whatsoever, and think that covering your body for any reason is foolish. Living underwater, the ambient temperature is always consistent, so there's no reason to cover up to keep warm; and since the Kotfisken hate artistic endeavor, wearing clothes for fashion is an abominable waste of time.

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