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Medicine is a poorly studied subject on Prova, since the usage of magic has made healing almost instantaneous and pain free.

Magic is the primary medicine for Provans, as it can be used to mend bones or clear up a cold with little side effects. The Kagzar, not having the ability to use magic medicine, make do with herbal remedies and concoctions of brewed Pufbulo milk. In desperate times, a Kagzar may go to a Jasemi mystic for healing, but only when death is at its approach.

Drugs, on the other hand, are commonly used on Prova by all sentient species. The poison of the Darmegon is the most commonly used drug by Jasemi, Kagzar, and Kagzaren. This poison, which leaks incessantly from the tail of the Darmegon and Nusi, is a potent dissociative drug that is used by the Darmegon to subdue its prey before the final kill. Kagzar hunt Darmegon regularly to collect this venom for ritual purposes. A Kagzar celebrating their birthday is given a whole tail-scythe to eat, putting them into a powerful psychedelic trip to better enhance their special day.

The Jasemi have domesticated the Darmegon into a new breed called the Nusi. Even larger and more capable of venom production, the tail tip grows into a large ball instead of the Darmegon's distinctive tail-scythe. These balls fall off regularly and are smashed and ground into a powder that can be added to food or water to form a powerful drug. The Jasemi use the drug as a painkiller, ingesting a large quantity of it before they expect death to ensure peacefulness and a lack of pain. Nusi venom usage is widespread, but neither Darmegon or Nusi venom has any long-term side effects. If they did, Jasemi culture as whole may collapse.

The Kagzaren also use Nusi poison, but it is primarily used by the priesthood for communing with Luno. The surreal visions experienced while high on venom are attributed to being Luno communicating directly with the user; this is the source for many Kagzaren religions revelations.

Other than Nusi venom, sometimes beer is brewed by the Jasemi from grass. These bear little resemblance to the beers Earthlings drink in modern times, being thick sludges of cereal that are drank like a thick smoothie. The Jasemi prefer Nusi venom to beer on any day, instead seeing beer as a highly nutritious drink with unplesant hangovers if too much is ingested. The Kagzaren and Kagzar, however, have a taste for the stuff; a few dozen gallons of beer is enough for a Kagzar to even consider trading up valuable bronze tools.

The Kotfisken tend to avoid hallucinogens or depressants, but drug use is common among them as well. A certain breed of seaweed has been discovered containing a chemical that, when refined and eaten, provides large bursts of energy, increased focus, and extreme feelings of joy. The Kotfisken use this drug when in need of serious study time, ingesting it in small amounts to give them better clarity of thought while deep in their research.

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