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Magic has shaped Prova for all of its existence. Magic is a natural force, as much as electrons or tachyons, but the natural ability of a sentient brain to harvest and utilize the forces that the "magic particle" manipulates results in much more immediate and shocking effects.

Provan magic has existed on Prova since Prova was a smoking ball of lava, but a relatively recent event has caused magic to burst into what it is used as today: the Crisis.

The Provan magic crisis - as detailed in the Day 4 entry - was an enormous planetwide catastrophe that shook Prova, sometimes literally, to its core. The source of the Crisis was a "hole" in the fabric of space-time which connected to another, unknown dimension of intense magical power; the particles of magic which flooded outward onto Prova performed random and unpredictable acts that polluted all of Prova's surface and sentient species. Once the hole was sealed by Luno, according to religious belief, the world began to heal but the effects of this pollution would remain forever.

The Jasemi were one of these species polluted by magical particles. The Crisis (or Luno, depending on your beliefs) granted them amazing magical powers of spirit. The most dazzling of their powers is that of reincarnation. Yes, their belief is true - Jasemi reincarnate when they die, thanks to the levels of magic pollution in their souls. While the souls of other species are sent to the other side, the Jasemi bounce back almost immediately to inhabit a new body. The Jasemi alive on Prova are actually the same group of Jasemi that have always lived on Prova, living through thousands upon thousands of lives before the current. Though the Jasemi population waxes and wanes, there is a hard cap to how many Jasemi can live at once. When at the limit, pregnancies simply fail to occur, and if one manages to come to fruition the egg will never hatch.

Aside from their reincarnation, the Jasemi are potent dream-walkers. When sleeping, a Jasemi can freely manipulate their dreams as in a lucid dream, but when multiple Jasemi sleep near each other, they will share a common dream. If enough Jasemi sleep together, the radius of their dream-power can grow so great that they will begin to enter other peoples' dreams. An unlucky Jasemi will find themselves locked out of the communal dream that they intended to participate in and end up trapped in a Kagzar or Kagzaren's dream, sometimes taking the opportunity to soothe the poor dreamer's unconscious stress. It takes a dream-walker of incredible talent and experience to do this on purpose; some especially talented walkers are capable of doing it entirely alone, flitting through dreams at will for as long as they want.

Another power the Jasemi have - though they abhor to use it - is that of hypnotism. Being able to manipulate the souls of other people, a magically skilled Jasemi can manipulate a person's soul to bend to their will, even to re-write a person's personality in totality. This may be part of the reason the Jasemi are so trusted by wild animals - the Jasemi subconsciously hypnotize the beasts into trusting them and seeing them as friends.

Some Jasemi can also manipulate the other four basic elements of Magic - water, fire, air and earth - with a great degree of skill. Magicraft is considered an art just like painting or sculpting, and a skilled sorcerer is a delight for tribes of Jasemi for both practical (say, building a new library from magically carved stone) or entertaining (like putting on a fireworks show) purposes.

The Kagzar were mostly spared by the Crisis and developed no powers of their own, but the Kagzaren were gifted with minor magical powers. The Kagzaren cannot manipulate spirits like the Jasemi, but are able to perform simple magic tricks to ease their daily lives. Starting fires with a snap of their fingers, drawing water from the ground to feed their crops; a wizard, who is almost always a priest as well, is a cornerstone of a Kagzaren tribe.

They do not have access to even the simplest of spells. This has lead to a long-lasting bias against magic; they abhor it, see it as an affront to Stelo, and try to avoid associating with mages from other species. The Kagzar prefer simple sturdy bronze and stone to the spells of others. They tend to their herds and perform war rituals with nothing but their own two hands and bodies. To them, only Stelo can have the power to alter the world in such a way.

The Kotfisken have possibly the most potent magical abilities, aside from the Jasemi. As their existence as a whole is drawn from a mutation of the Kotfisk during the Crisis, the Kotfisken are imbued with magic to their very core. The study of magic is the basis of Kotfisken society; they understand that they are mutants, and wish to dissect the reasons for their existence. Kotfisken society as a whole would simply not exist if it were not for magic. They use magic to build their enormous pyramid-cities; they use magic to grow their seaweed crops large enough to feed the cities; they use magic to cook the food with fire that burns underwater, without boiling themselves; they even use magic to eat the food, lifting the food through the water to their mouths via telekinesis. It is fortunate that the Kotfisken are totally absorbed in study, for if another species drew their ire enough to go to war, the planet may not be able to survive.

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