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Technology on Prova exists at a very primitive level. Most principles of physics have yet to be discovered; the wheel has only been invented in the last few centuries. Most technology is composed of simple machines, such as levers and pulleys.

Metal is an abundant resource on Prova, but the Provans haven't developed technology to mine it from the crust of the planet. Bronze is the metal of choice; easily accessable from ground-level sources, the Kagzar have mastered the casting and forging of bronze into sharp swords and spears used solely by their warrior class. Kagzar bronze tools are extremely valuable and can only be commissioned by an experienced bronzesmith. The Jasemi, always seeking to improve their crops, will go to great lengths to satisfy a Kagzar bronzesmith (up to and including giving up their own lives) enough for them to donate a collection of tools to their tribe.

Glass is exceedingly rare, and is considered a cultural art of the Jasemi. Experienced glassmakers create stunningly beautiful containers and works of art and are hailed as some of the greatest artists of the Jasemi people. Compared to today's glass, Provan glass is thick, heavy, and cloudy, but the expertise of these glassmakers is in high demand across all of the Center. Even the Kagzar covet Jasemi glass, and will even give up their bronzesmithing secrets in exchange for airtight glass urns to store their meat and milk in.

The Jasemi possess a sophisticated system for keeping their farms fertile. Aqueducts cut through the earth to distant Jasemi tribes to keep their crops watered. They have even figured out crop rotation, using a three-field system to keep their fields nourished.

The Kotfisken also hold the secret of glass, but keep it much closer to their chests. Thanks to their mastery of magic, Kotfisken do not need to use such primitive techniques that the Jasemi do. They can simply synthesize glass directly from collected sand, creating shining and perfectly transparent panels that are normally used for windows in their pyramid-cities. As the Kotfisken abhor art, finding it a pointless and unscientific waste of time, they have little other uses for glass besides windowmaking and containers.

Astrology is an extremely well-documented science among all sentient species. The Kagzar, Jasemi, and Kagzaren all take a great interest in documenting the movement of the stars at night, using them for divination purposes and attempting to divine the wills of the gods from their patterns. The Kotfisken, too, show interest in astrology, but from a strictly secular standpoint.

Paper has been invented by the Kagzaren, an excellent replacement for the old system of recording books by writing them onto bound slits of wood. Paper is made from a certain plant that grows by riverbeds. It is ground into a very fine paste, spread thinly onto a plank of wood, dried in the sun, and then scraped off and cut into sheets. The Jasemi have a great demand for Kagzaren paper, and request thousands of sheets so they may write new poems and stories.

Pottery is, of course, universal among all species. The Jasemi enjoy sculpting statues and toys from clay, while Kagzar shape sturdy urns that make excellent storage devices.

Though it may be primitive, do not confuse Prova to be a planet of dullards. Technology is constantly advancing, though it may seem stuck in the past to you.

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