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The Center of Prova is a rich rainforest, with many varieties of plant life to be seen.

The most common variety of visible plants are the trees. Tall, green trees crowd each other for superiority, congregating in large canopies that little light penetrates in the densest parts of the forest. Vines, lichens, and moss thrive in these shady spots, growing around the trees and across the floors of the jungle. Some plants offer berries, tubers, and vegetables that are edible by animals; many of these have been domesticated by the Jasemi for farming puposes.

Out of the jungle, dense grass grows in the clearings where the Jasemi, Kagzar, and Kagzaren live. Herds of Pufbulo savor this grass, and the flatland is excellent for combat, so Kagzar tribes tend to roam around the plains while Jasemi build their villages closer to the edges of the jungle. Jasemi living in the plains tend to the grasses for food, grinding the kernels to make wheat.

Under the water, varieties of algae and seaweed grow. These are domesticated and farmed by the Kotfisken and provide a primary component to their diet. Underwater forests of towering kelp plants subside whole pyramid-cities, and grow at alarming speeds when not maintained.

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