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There is a common language in the Center of Prova that all the sentient species there speak. It is a very simple language, with no genders, a simplistic agglutinative grammar system, light verbal inflection, and a highly flexible word order. A point of interest is its reliance on affixes to add meaning to core words: for instance, the affix "en" is applied to show something is outside of a group, unusual, or otherwise extraordinary. This can be seen in both the Kagzaren and the Kotfisken - both groups are "outside" of their normal groups, the tribal Kagzar and the non-sentient Kotfisk respectively.

It is unknown as to why this language is common throughout Prova. Even the Kotfisken, who did not contact land-dwelling sentients for decades, first interacted with land-dwellers speaking the same language as them. As there are no written records of prehistoric languages on Prova, it is likely that the new language was spawned as a direct result of the Crisis, literally overwriting the language centers in sentient species' brains.

Some Jasemi have began working with Kotfisken mages to study, record, and compare prehistoric Provan languages. Some of these languages are still spoken among isolated tribes of Kagzar and elderly Jasemi, and great care is taken to study them before the modern common language causes them to die out. In modern Provan society, these ancient words are only found in the names of animals and plants.

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