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There are few holidays on Prova, as the concept of a "holy day" is nonsensical to most Provans, but some days are still held in higher regard than others.

Among the Kagzar, an individual's birthday is considered an important day of sharing and honor. Age is an important thing to the Kagzar, and the eldest members of the tribe are considered the wisest; therefore, an individual becoming a year older is a time to celebrate a tribe member becoming a more valuable part of their community. Birthdays are typically celebrated with feasting, mock-combat, and allowing the celebrant to participate in a share of Darmegon venom.

The Jasemi hold a powerful cultural memory of the Provan magic crisis, and one day per year they pay tribute to what was lost in those days. Normally lighthearted to a fault, the Jasemi develop an unusually somber attitude when the day of remembrance comes and play no games, tend to no crops, and instead remember what the world was like before the Crisis. It is known that the Crisis was an enormous loss of life, not just among sentient species, but among all life on Prova. Thousands of species of animals, plants, and other living creatures went extinct, causing the rich but delicate ecosystem that Prova is today. The Jasemi mourn, thinking of the gift of reincarnation they know other species do not have.

Kagzaren, too, participate in the day of remembrance, but view it as a day of giving thanks to Luno for her intervention instead. The day is spent praying, meditating, and pondering over the mysteries of Luno, humbly thanking her for saving the world as they know it. Some Kagzaren, still imitating the rituals of Stelans, set up sacrificial banquets of fruit and vegetables to feast upon with their tribe in Luno's name.

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