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There are two major religions currently being practiced on Prova. They are distinguished primarily by the object of their worship; the Stelans worship the sun, named Stelo, and the Lunans worship a god thought to be inhabiting the moon who is named Luno.

The Stelan religion, the older of the two, dates back to prehistoric times as the common religion practiced by all land-dwelling sentient species. Presumably founded by the Kagzar, Stelo is perceived as a demanding and temperamental god who requires frequent sacrifice and worship to ensure good blessings. Stelo's favorite sacrifice is death from warfare. Only the members of the warrior caste are allowed death in the otherwise bloodless battles, and they must first prove themselves as loyal to Stelo by tattooing their bodies and cropping their ears. With sacrifice comes good hunts, bountiful Pufbulo births, and many children; neglecting Stelo's needs results in storms, disease, and suffering.

The Lunan religion is newer and formed shortly after the magic crisis that so devastated Prova. Luno was claimed as the savior: through her powerful influence, she singlehandedly ended the Crisis and undid all of the damage that was done. The Jasemi, claiming that she had saved them specifically, devoted their lives to her and began to follow her as a god. She is a much more lenient god than Stelo and asks no sacrifice, no certain way of life to live, and does not even request prayer; she only is there to keep the world safe from another Crisis. It is believed that Luno has another aspect, sometimes noted as a "child" or a "son", but this is only mentioned a few time in the oldest of Lunan texts.

An interesting thing to note is that the Stelan religion and the Lunan faith are, in a sense, a singular religion undergoing a schism. Both Stelans and Lunans acknowledge that the other god is real, and powerful in their own right, but simply disagree on who is more worthy of worship. Stelans deny Luno's power and claim she is powerless compared to Stelo's might; Lunans believe that Stelo is bloodthirsty and cruel and Luno is loving light. Even the Kagzaren, who are typically Lunan fanatics, respect Stelo and only see him as a competing god, not a devil figure.

The Kotfisken do not believe in either the Stelan or Lunan religion. They practice no religion at all. Religion is a distraction and superstition to them; they prefer to study the material conditions of the world around them instead of praying to gods. Even if Stelo or Luno were discovered to be real, the Kotfisken would dismiss them as simply powerful wizards or a kind of animal yet to be understood.

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