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As anarchism is the rule on Prova, there are no governments, no hierarchies, and no centralization of power. Every person is a kingdom within themselves, and has the right to give to and take from the world as they please.

Of course, there are some de facto methods of organization that each culture follows. The Jasemi value artistic creation over any other form of labor and will consult their most accomplished artistes for guidance in hard times. Kagzar look to their elderly warriors - those who have not just fought in war, but won - on divining the will of Stelo and organizing war between tribes. Kagzaren lay their power in the priests, a clique that any Kagzaren can consider themselves a part of, as long as they dedicate their study to Luno. The Kotfisken do not worry about leadership, as every Kotfisken residing in a pyramid-city understands innately their position and what is demanded of them in society.

Overall, Prova is a world of total freedom, where there are no masters to control you, no wages to enforce slavery with, and no struggling against your neighbor for the bounty of the world. The people live in equality, freedom, and togetherness.

Prova World
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