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Prova has no money, no economy, and no artificial scarcities.

In sincerity, Prova could be described as an anarcho-primitive society. Hoarding is viewed as selfish and unnecessary; even the otherwise selfish Kotfisken would boggle at the idea of capitalism, seeing it as inefficient.

When trade must occur, it is strictly between individuals and whatever belongings they have on their person. "Trading festivals" are set up, and people travel long distances with their unique crafts and goods to exchange between each other. No money changes hands, and both people only walk away if the deal appeases both. If someone cannot get something from someone else, they can easily get it from a third person or make it themselves.

The only thing close to an exception of this system is artistic works. As all works of art are inherently unique, artists are held with a high regard in value.

Prova World
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