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Civilization on Prova is a recent invention, so there isn't much in the way of culture to speak.

Most people still live in mud and straw huts, organized loosely into villages. Jasemi towns are organized around a central library, always the largest building in the town, where works of writing, games, and tools are stored. The library is central to "big-city" Jasemi life, and all Jasemi contribute and take from the library freely.

Kagzaren live on the edges of these Jasemi villages and spend huge amounts of time debating their religion and writing histories. The Jasemi prefer fictional stories and myths, but the Kagzaren spend their time writing factual histories and religious parables for teaching. As Luno has not directed any strict tenets, religious debate has become a common pastime for the Kagzaren. Highly learned Kagzaren are considered priests, and when not preaching the love of Luno to their flocks, they spend their time arguing with other priests on how to best live life in the light of Luno.

The Kagzar prefer a simple, nomadic lifestyle, and do not bother with keeping written records or building permanent structures. Kagzar live in portable animal-skin yurts and separate themselves into three different "castes": There are the herders, who tend to Pufbulo, small round mammals they keep for their meat and milk; hunters, who hunt for fresh meat and practice for war; and artisans, who craft tools and weapons for the other two castes. Warfare is an essential component of Kagzar life and religion. Ritual wars are frequently composed between Kagzar tribes, and those who show the most valor and daring during battle are allowed the honor of dying as a sacrifice to Stelo.

However, special note must be made of the Kotfisken, who utilize their powerful magic to build dazzling underwater cities. By shaping the stone with their magic, they have built enormous undersea pyramid-cities that all Kotfisken live in. Kotfisken society revolves around the study of science and magic; virtually all facets of living in a Kotfisken pyramid-city involves learning about magic, practicing magic, utilizing magic to gather food, or teaching your theories about the nature of magic to other Kotfisken. This society is highly regimented and organized, with some pyramid-cities even organizing timetables for all Kotfisken to eat and sleep by.

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