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As a system of writing has only recently been developed on Prova, there is very little "history" to speak of.

Prehistorically, sentient species on Prova began evolving several thousands of years ago, beginning with a common ancestor both the Jasemi and Kagzar are descended from. These unnamed creatures were the first to invent basic tools, language, and the first glimmers of a basic society. As the years went on, the common ancestor became divided based upon dietery preferences - the discovery of agriculture resulted in a split of culture that would eventually evolve into the modern Jasemi and Kagzar.

The most significant event in relatively recent history was the great Provan magic crisis. The Crisis, as it is still remembered, was a sudden and still unexplained surge of magical energy that resulted in widespread disaster and suffering for the people of Prova. The exact results of the Crisis are to this day unknown, but legends speak of horrific, random mutations; fires burning in the sky; sudden alterations to the flow of time; and thousands upon thousands of deaths. The Magic Crisis ended as suddenly as it started, and the healing of the planet was ascribed to a new god: Luno.

Luno, the god in question, quickly found followers among the Jasemi who believe she had saved their species from extinction personally. The Kagzaren, a faction of dissident Kagzar, soon joined in her worship as well. The Kagzar continued to worship Stelo, and believe the Crisis was a result of its displeasure upon the world.

The Kotfisken spawned directly from the events of the crisis, forcibly evolving the unintelligent Kotfisk fish to a sentient intelligence and providing them both arms and potent magical powers. Having no cultural god to worship, the Kotfisken began to study the reasons for their existence from an impassioned, objective view, planting the seeds for their modern culture of rationality.

Today, these species live in harmony with little strife between them.

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