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Currently, there are four primary sentient species living upon the Center of Prova.

The Jasemi are a species of avians. They are covered in feathers, have prehensile fingers at the end of each wing, and lay eggs. Jasemi are carefree, lighthearted people who value artistic endeavors and seek to create aesthetic ideals. The most noted feature of the Jasemi is their attitude towards life and death: extremely strong believers in reincarnation, a Jasemi will never lift a finger to defend itself and accepts death in virtually any situation. Some Jasemi possess the power of Spirit magic, and are capable of traveling through the aetheric world of dreams.

Kagzar are a species of nomadic warriors and hunters who practice a lifestyle warfare and religious ritual. Although otherwise friendly and hospitable, warfare and combat is a central religious tenet to the Kagzar as a means of satisfying the sun god Stelo. The Kagzar are unable to use magic on the level of the Jasemi, but are masters of the art of metalcrafting, creating bronze swords and spears for use in war. The Kagzar are obligate carnivores and raise herds of Pufbulo, hunt for meat in the jungles, and hunt Jasemi. The Jasemi are a favored food of the Kagzar; some Jasemi offer themselves up for the Kagzar to slaughter and eat.

Kagzaren are the genetic descendents of the Kagzar. Originally dissidents of Kagzar culture, the Magic Crisis demonstrated an opportunity to abandon the Kagzar's bloody naitive ways and integrate themselves into the newly founded Lunan religion. Kagzaren live on the fringes of Jasemi society, seeking to imitate them on every level, viewing the Jasemi as an enlightened and sacred race. The Kagzaren are religious fanatics, and worship Luno on a much deeper and significant level than the Jasemi do. While the Jasemi view Luno as a companion through their lives, the Kagzaren believe Luno is a loving but strict god that demands a certain way of life.

Kotfisken normally do not associate themselves with the other sentient races of the Center, but are a significant and highly advanced culture within themselves. Water dwellers, Kotfisken are cousins to the Kotfisk, a species of non-sentient fish. Having evolved limbs with prehensile digits, Kotfisken are a highly sentient and scientifically-minded species. Masters of the magical arts, the Kotfisken live in astounding underwater cities far larger and more advanced than their land dwelling counterparts. The Kotfisken place science as their most important cultural principle, and attempt to live based upon entirely scientific and rational principle. They view the land dwellers in low regards, seeing them as superstitious primitives.

Aside from the sentients, there is a huge number of animals thriving in the jungles of Prova. The Vostruo are large land hunters, with the defining feature that their digestive system is connected to a large mouth on the tip of their tail. Darmegon are wild insectoid-esque mammals with sharp scythe-tails that excrete an intoxicating poison; they are prized as trophies to hunt by the Kagzar. There are also domestic animals commonly kept as livestock or pets. Pufbulo are small mammals about the size and shape of a beach ball that are raised by the Kagzar as a source of milk, meat, and leather. Nusi are domesticated Darmegon who grow their scythe-tails into harmless orbs that the poison is collected from to use as a drug.

There are plenty more that will be covered once we reach the Fauna section.

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