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The world of Prova is a relatively small planet orbiting a yellow star in a distant star system. Prova is noted for its diverse wildlife, including several individual sentient species:

  • The Jasemi, a species of bird-people with a carefree attitude towards life and death
  • The Kagzar, predator mammals with a nomadic warrior-hunter culture
  • The Kagzaren, an offshoot species of Kagzar who have divorced themselves from their cousins' bloody lifestyle and seek to imitate the Jasemi
  • The Kotfisken, fish people living in a highly advanced society dedicated to science and mathematics

These are the primary sentients on Prova, but more may live elsewhere on the planet.

Prova has been marred by an event known as the Magic Crisis, an unrestricted and wide-scale magical event that lasted for decades. Although there is very little evidence or conclusive facts about what it entailed, the Crisis has become a powerful cultural memory for all of the sentients on Prova.

The culture of Prova is relatively undeveloped, currently existing at a Bronze age level. A system of writing has only recently been developed, and metal is an extremely rare and valuable resource. Literacy and understanding of science has only just begun to spread, and most people still live in wooden or earthen structures. Prova, remarkably, has very little social hierarchy and exists in a state of organized anarchy. In nearly all cultures, there are no kings, emperors, or nations.

Prova's most unusual aspect is the influence of Luno, a mythological figure that is worshipped as a new god by the Jasemi and Kagzaren. She is credited with ending the Magic Crisis, inventing writing, and is considered a powerful and benevolent god. There is much conflict between the worshippers of the new god and followers of the old religions.

Prova is a world on the edge of a massive upheaval, where the cultivation of society has just begun to develop. The world and its inhabitants live pastoral lives, but who knows what may be in store for them in their future?

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