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Gender Presumably
Pronouns Hopefully
  • Unnamed mother
  • Unnamed brother

Proe is the protagonist of Frequently Modulated.


Proe is a dedicated anti-authoritarian who is extremely gullible. They love the idea of abandoning society, escaping to the woods, and being their Own Person with nothing to hold them down. This dream has been inserted into their head by the massive collection of conspiracy theory books they read. Proe is an avid reader, consuming books with abandon and believing every single thing written in them.


Proe's family

Proe is on incredibly bad terms with their family. Their mother and brother are convinced that they suffer from a severe mental illness, and have repeatedly forced them to take medication. Proe is certain they have clean slate of mental health and will not accept any argument otherwise!

When Proe left their family, they left behind their beloved cat Shadow.

Proe's coworkers

Proe works in a surprisingly well-paying office job, which is how they've managed to afford a second life away from home. Their coworkers describe them as "normal", "who?", and "oh, that person". Proe tries to avoid closely associating with people they would describe as "in on the con".


  • Proe loves listening to talk radio, and especially loves any radio that concerns itself with government conspiracy.
  • Proe's book collection is over eight hundred books large!