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AXE235 Phlog.png
Closed? Yes
Home Prova
Powers Spirit magic
Lifespan Potentially immortal
Sapience Sentient
Locomotion Flight

The Phlog are a closed species that lives on Prova.


Phlog are mysterious creatures that live on the southern continents of Prova. They emerged as a species sometime after the Provan magic crisis, appearing on the face of the planet with no reasonable origin. It is speculate that they are related to the Goltra, both being mysterious beings of shadow with no clear heritage.

Phlog are roughly ten feet long, with long strands of a fleshy material hanging off of their spherical torsos. They have no legs, but two arms, and use flight as their sole form of locomotion.

Their stomachs are huge and buoyant, due to the massive amount of energy stored inside. With the help of the magic that they feed upon, they float carefree through the air. However, a Phlog cannot fly on its own; without that magic, it will deflate and drift to the ground. If there is no food within claw's reach, it will eventually expire.


The lifestyle of the Phlog varies depending on which island they live upon. On the western continent, Phlog live unstructured and isolated lives spent mostly following herds of Ogono to sip on their magical energy. The Ogono, having enormous amounts of spirit magic, are the favored food source for Phlog. Otherwise, each Phlog busies themself doing whatever is desired.

Animals living on the eastern continent do not possess the amount of energy available that an Ogono does, so Phlog have resorted to herding for resources. These Phlog accumulate in large groups, caring for the native Fulma that accumulate under their care.


Phlog are deadly in combat, as their abilities to consume magic can render an enemy incapacitated - or worse - in mere moments. However, unlike the Goltra, the bodies of the Phlog are physical and can be wounded with material weapons.


The Phlog are possibly the most powerful users of magic on Prova, capable of casting spells without effort that would take a Jasemi magic-user hours of preparation to cast. Most notable is their ability to consume magic. Through a thin membrane upon their stomach, a Phlog can consume the energy of a living thing, leaving them anywhere from tired to lifeless.

Unfortunately for them, the Phlog do not generate magical energy of their own. Every spell they cast depletes the reservoir they store in the middle of their body, and they must be conscious to conserve their supply.


Phlog only survive by consuming the magical energy of living beings. They are not capable of consuming any other form of nutrition.


Phlog are highly independent creatures and do not enjoy direct association with each other. They only accumulate in groups to feed; the West Phlog amass in large flocks to sip on the energy of thoughtless Ogono, while East Phlog maintain small "villages" surrounding tamed Fulma.

Despite their seemingly feral behavior, Phlog are extremely intelligent, capable of speech and writing. It is unknown why they refuse to form a more cohesive society.