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AXE235 Ogono.png
Closed? Yes
Home Prova
Body Type Feral
Lifespan 30-50 years
Sapience Beast
Locomotion Quadrupedal
Communication Verbal

The Ogono is a closed species that lives on Prova.


The Ogono are quadrupedal beasts that live on Southwest Prova. Their species were victims of the Provan magic crisis, causing severe and debilitating mutations across all living specimens.

An Ogono has no eyes, no nostrils, and is of very limited intelligence. They are enormous, reaching over twenty feet tall in size, and feed on the leaves of tall trees and grasses. They are covered in shaggy hair, and have enormous feet that tamp huge pits into the surface of the earth. Superfluous limbs grow out of their backs and stomachs, serving no purpose.


Ogono are peaceful creatures, who care for very little besides finding sources of food. Having no sense of sight or smell, the species' only defense is its enormous size, making it far too challenging for a savannah Vostruo to take down. The Ogono were one of the most populous species before the Magic Crisis, but the mutations accumulated during the Crisis resulted in a dramatic drop of population.

They tend to move in herds of four or five, relying on each others' guidance to safely move across the plains and locate trees to eat. Using their honed sense of hearing, they can distinguish the rustling of leaves from other savannah noises, helping them locate sources of food.

The Ogono are the favored prey and livestock of the Phlog.


The Ogono have no skills in defending themselves, but have no need to. Their hide is impenetrable by tooth or claw, and their massive size makes stomping on a pest doable without difficulty.


Ogono have no ability to cast spells or utilize magic, but they have immense magical energy, and their severe mutations have lent a strong resistance to magic of all kinds. Spells cast against them simply bounce off of their thick hide.


The Ogono eat grasses, along with leaves from tall trees. When grazing, they use their enormous mouth to simply scoop a huge portion of soil into their mouth, swallowing the grass plant whole. When eating the leaves from trees, an Ogono will sometimes bite off a whole branch - including whatever may be nesting inside. Though they prefer a herbivorous diet, they are omnivorous.