Metal Kingdom

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The Metal Kingdom is one of the five major kingdoms of Sisibi.


The Metal Kingdom resides upon the high mountains neighboring the Earth Kingdom, with its own separate culture, political system, and sense of identity. It is an industrialized megacity, literally stratified by social status and height on the mountains. The cities are shining towers of silver clockwork, where the poor live in the tarnished base-side slums.


Sisibans of the Metal Kingdom are born without eyes; most choose to get prosthetics later in life, though there is a thriving subculture of completely blind Sisibans.

The most prevalent kind of Monsters in the Metal Kingdom are artificial, self-built from magical junk left hanging around the streets of the kingdom. Few organic Monsters live within the kingdom's limits; any creature that can survive the heights of the Metal Kingdom must be fortified to withstand the cold.

Metal-types predominate in the Metal Kingdom. The most common subtypes include Electric, Acid, and Gem. Pure Metal-types are uncommon in the upper class, as Monsters with a secondary function are considered more useful.


The Metal Kingdom is technologically advanced, with most of its residents sporting some kind of clockwork prosthesis or another. Those at the base of the mountains, in the slums, only possess perhaps a single robotic arm or silver eye; the socialites at the top are little more than brains inhabiting totally robotic bodies. The monarch of the kingdom is more like a CEO than a king, preferring to run their kingdom with a focus on personal profit and freedom for its citizens.