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AXE235 Marhund.png
Closed? Yes
Home Prova
Powers Provan Magic (Manipulation)
Body Type Anthro
Lifespan 40-60 years
Locomotion Bipedal
Communication Verbal

The Marhund is a closed species that lives on Prova.


Marhund are mammals with short, fine fur and blunt faces. They are bipedal, and their chests are protected with a thick layer of blubber to insulate against the cold of North Prova, their homeland. They possess three fingers with opposable thumbs, and four toes.

Adults range from 5 to 6 feet tall. They are monosexed, and give live birth with a litter size from one to three pups.

Marhund grow a large tooth that protrudes through their head. Most horns are only a few inches long, but ones that continue to grow end up endowing their owners with considerable magical power. These Marhund inevitably rise to the top of their tribe's power structure.


Marhund do not have strong variations, but mutations and quirks aren't unheard of. Here are the ones currently known.


(Quirks are free and can be applied to any MYO slot.)

  • No horn
  • Nub horn


  • Short horn
  • Dull colors


  • Long horn
  • Bright colors


  • Wings
  • Pastel colors


Marhund live in organized communities on the coasts of North Prova, where Finar- and Kotfisk-rich waters keep them well sustained. Their blubber gives them an amazing ability to tolerate the frigid waters, allowing them to dive directly in to fish for food.


A Marhund uses weapons made of bone and stone, held together with Finar leather. Warfare is rare; precious calories cannot be wasted on feuding with neighbors.


Long-horned Marhund are capable of manipulating magic, pulling it through their horns. However, they are limited to the magical energy that surrounds them; they cannot ordinarily make new spells of their own.


Marhund only eat whatever Finar and Kotfisk meat they can fish. Pufbulo meat is available, but only eaten as a last resort. Marhund find the taste of Pufbulo intolerable.


The Marhund live in well-organized communities, headed by long-horned Marhund. Thanks to their magic ability, they are trusted with the running of the tribe and all levels of intergroup politics.

It is said that each successful magic spell adds a centimeter to a Marhund's horn. Horn length is viewed as a sign of strength and experience; the amount of turns in a Marhund's horn is counted at each birthday.

Despite this, occasionally, a Marhund may be born with no horn at all. This is recognized as a disability, and the community leader will generally expect the other members to assist them when needed.

The Marhund have a good relationship with the nearby Fridodo. The Fridodo primarily hunt Pufbulo while the Marhund hunt for Finar, but the occasional overlap of hunting grounds rarely ever has to be addressed.