Lunan religion

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The Lunan symbol

The Lunan religion is a Provan religion. Adherents worship Luno, the deity that inhabits Prova's moon.


The Jasemi were members of the Stelan religion for thousands of years before the Provan magic crisis, which disrupted their villages and drove them to near extinction.

Only through Luno visiting and intervening did they begin to recover, as the deity had given them regenerative powers in exchange for their promise of a nonviolent lifestyle. Now Jasemi can skip the process of the afterlife and be instantly reborn, retaining all of their memories and identity.

There are more recent converts within some groups of Kagzaren, who forego meat entirely to demonstrate their respect towards Luno. However, they were not part of the original pact and were not given spirit magic.


Unlike the Stelan religion, worshippers of Luno have few tenets. They do not give sacrifice or perform rituals; they simply hold Luno as a benevolent, overwatching god figure that provides the Jasemi with their powers of reincarnation. There is no established central church or even a regular method of worship; however, prayer to Luno is common for her intercession in everyday matters.