Long John Gets Banned

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Long John Gets Banned is an AXE235 interactive fiction game first released on November 26th, 2015.


Long John goes to his friend Smokey Joe's barbecue party.


Long John has been invited by his "best friend", Smokey Joe, to an elaborate cookout. They haven't been in touch for a while, and Long John notices that the house is a total mess. Sippy Jim, Smokey Joe's younger brother, waits inside for the party to end.

Out in the yard, the party is a complete disaster. Smokey Joe has invited dozens of complete strangers, he's completely drunk, and commandeering a dozen grills and smokers. Wandering around the yard, Long John meets friends of both him and Smokey Joe, and contemplates the path their friendship has taken.

Once the meal is ready, Sippy Jim tries to join the festivities with a bowl of punch but gets yelled at by Smokey Joe. Long John rushes to Sippy Jim's defense, and his choice alters the path of his and Smokey Joe's friendship.

Long John brings up the death of Smokey Joe and Sippy Jim's mother and tells Smokey Joe how he's changed ever since her death. Smokey Joe, in a rage, calls off the party and bans Long John for life from any future parties. Snailhead intervenes, and takes Long John home - along with Sippy Jim, who decides to give his brother some space.

Non-Confrontational Ending

If the player decides not to call out Smokey Joe, Smokey Joe flies into a rage anyway and accidentally knocks over a grill, starting a fire. While extinguishing the flames, Smokey Joe bans all guests present from all parties forever, and Snailhead, Long John, and Sippy Jim decide to make their exit.

Meltdown Ending

If the player tries to talk too much to Smokey Joe while he is cooking, Long John will continuously try to steal undercooked food from the grill. This causes Smokey Joe to have a meltdown, kicking Long John out from the party - but not banning him, failing the requirements of the game's title.

Bee Ending

If Long John meets King St. Bee in his travels... Well, you'll have to find out what happens.



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