Logan McKnight

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Logan McKnight
AXE235 Logan McKnight.png
Species Human
Gender Male
Pronouns He/him
Occupation Janitor
  • Joe McKnight (uncle)
  • Unnamed parents
  • Partner(s) Clyde Batter

    Logan McKnight is a human resident of Location City, and the boyfriend of Clyde Batter.


    Logan is a timid man, whose fear of making people mad somehow manages to outweigh his general frustration with the world. He is almost never at ease, hates being around other people, and generally has something bad to say about almost everyone he meets. Despite this, a near-constant flow of marijuana into his system allows him to function in everyday society.


    Clyde Batter

    Clyde Batter is the jelly to Logan's peanut butter, the chocolate to Logan's peanut butter, the deep-fried bananas to Logan's peanut butter. Clyde's laid-back attitude keeps Logan at bay and sane. Without Clyde, Logan would probably be throwing bricks at people on the street.

    Casey Batter

    Casey and Logan don't really talk much, but Casey approves of Logan as Clyde's boyfriend. There is some kind of mutual respect between the two of them; despite Logan exhibiting almost all of her brother's failings as well, Casey never seems to get as upset with Logan as she does with Clyde.

    Logan's parents

    His mother is constantly drunk, and his father is present but just as much of a pushover as he is. Logan was forced to drop money on a legal name change as an adult because his first name was literally an illegible scribble, rendered as a sequence of unpronounceable consonants.

    Joe McKnight

    Logan maintains an incredibly strained relationship with his uncle, who has done incredibly little to support him and ended up pressuring him into motorcycling.


    • Logan is a whiz on any kind of bike, motor or otherwise, but can't drive a car for the life of him.
    • Logan loves pineapple on pizza! Just pineapple, no ham.