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AXE235 Kotfisken.png
Closed? Yes
Home Prova
Powers Magic
Body Type Anthro
Lifespan 50-60 years
Sapience Sentient
Locomotion Aquatic
Communication Verbal

The Kotfisken is a closed species that lives on Prova. They are a sentient offshoot of the Kotfisk.


Kotfisken are sentient fish which live in underwater societies. They are large, averaging around eight to ten feet in length, with a fish tail in lieu of legs. Their skin is scaly and often warm-colored, and they have extremely large dark eyes.

The Kotfisken have a somewhat deceptive appearance; despite having faces, their mouths are located underneath their "chin", with their whole facial area unhinging. They have no teeth and a mouth full of baleen bristles.

Every Kotfisken has a pair of organic "wires" protruding from their back, which their magic is channeled through. Kotfisken communicate by tapping these wires together in rhythmic patterns.


The Kotfisken are highly communal creatures, living together in enormous artificial pyramid-cities in highly organized lives.


The Kotfisken see war as illogical. If pressed into self-defense, their potent magical powers are enough to crush any opponent.


Kotfisken are the most magically powerful species living on Prova, capable of manipulating earth, air, water, and fire to their benefit. Much of Kotfisken society is concerned with the research and practice of magical arts, to better the lives of all Kotfisken ocean-wide.


Kotfisken are omnivorous and will eat anything that provides a sufficient nutritional profile. The primary mainstay of a Kotfisken diet is seaweed, which is cultivated in large farms surrounding the central pyramid. This seaweed is enchanted to be completely automated in its planting, harvesting, and refining. The magic spell cast upon the plant causes it to move by itself, sowing its own seeds, harvesting itself when ripe, and moving itself to a dedicated storage.

Other than seaweed, the Kotfisken will hunt for a wide variety of Kotfisk for their meat. The Kotfisken do not cook their food and eat whatever is given to them raw.


Kotfisken live in enormous pyramid structures called "pyramid-cities". These are enormous stone pyramids, built by magical means, through which the entirety of a Kotfisken's life is lived. They are born in communal birthing chambers, never knowing their biological parents. As soon as a young Kotfisken is old enough to read and write, they are entered into an intensive schooling system that educates them in all of the magical knowledge required for adult life. Once they come of age, their role in society is chosen by magical means - this job will be the one they work for the rest of their lives.

Although their lives are measured down to the letter, the Kotfisken are a friendly, if not somewhat haughty, people. The automation of society has given Kotfisken an enormous amount of free time which is mostly spent studying mathematics, physics, and magical sciences. The Kotfisken enjoy anything that can be described as an intellectual pursuit, but tend to disdain any "right-brained" endeavors such as art and music.