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AXE235 Kotfisk.png
Home Prova
Body Type Feral
Lifespan 10-20 years
Sapience Beast
Locomotion Aquatic
Communication Body language

The Kotfisk is a species that lives on Prova. They are the creature cousins to the Kotfisken.


The Kotfisk, in a word, are fish. They are a large family of fish, spanning in size from small goldfish to the size of groupers.

The Kotfisk are prime food animals for both the Kagzar and Kotfisken. Coastal Kagzar get most of their protein from fishing, and the Kotfisken utilize them as a primary source of food.


Kotfisk are profoundly unintelligent animals, focusing their entire lives on finding food and mates. They exhibit no curiousity, little attempts to defend themselves when threatened, and seem hardly aware of the world around them. Kotfisk are held in incredible disdain by the Kotfisken due to their lack of mental stimulation.


Kotfisk have little means to defend themselves besides their dull teeth. If threatened, they will only try to swim away.


These species survive primarily on eating seaweed and algae, but some varieties will eat smaller Kotfisk.