Kojoto de Kakto

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Kojoto de Kakto
AXE235 Kojoto de Kakto.png
Species Human
Gender Coyote
Pronouns They/them
Occupation Freelance computer programmer
Affiliation Shokal Institute of Technology (former)

Kojoto de Kakto is the protagonist of Kojoto's Closet. They are a human autistic computer programmer currently living in Shokal.


Kojoto is a very mild-mannered and quiet person to the point of causing discomfort in others. They are extremely self-conscious and rarely leave their apartment.

Kojoto has the soul of a coyote, and wishes that they looked and acted more like one. They own a coyote ears headband and fabric paws that they wear frequently around the house.



Kakto is a large saguaro cactus who is Kojoto's current boyfriend. Kojoto prefers Kakto's presence over regular humans, as the last human being they dated ended up leaving them nothing but hurt and confused. All Kakto does is prick a little.

Kojoto owns a body pillow with an image of Kakto printed upon it, so that they might savor Kakto's presence with a little less ouch when they feel like it.


Shawn is Kojoto's ex-boyfriend. They met in a college course they were both taking together, and quickly bonded over their mutual interest in STEM. Shawn soon moved in with Kojoto after they began dating, and their relationship eventually ended in disaster when it was revealed that Shawn was more interested in watching anime and throwing parties than being a good boyfriend. Kojoto still resents Shawn.


  • Kojoto is a dropout of the prestigious Shokal Institute of Technology, AKA "Kaltech". Kojoto attended for only a year before dropping out, as increasing social anxiety and a dawning realization that they could not afford further student loans caught up to them.
  • Kojoto definitely has genitals and that's all that we can tell you.